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They represent a meeting point of intellect and transcendence, emotionality and premeditation, logic and irrationality. Good science and good art have a mission - to explore the world and people. Documentary film can be its expression, whether the film takes the route of observation, documentation and analysis or that of implicit inferring in a maze of reflections and hints.

Information density meets mad hippie anti aging routine, knowledge discovers unique audiovisual expression. In order for film books not to sink into dusty files and with them the names and labour of those who created themthey must be read, commented on, collected and put into archives. Academia Film Olomouc is such collector, it is an encyclopaedia in which knowledge of numerous disciplines and specialisations meet, it is a screen which enriches all invention and energy in images.

All human activities, even those which have only noble interests, seek to be communicated, need response, look for partners in discussion, which enables them to grow further.

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Each product of human thinking and labour needs support to be seen and heard, to find its addressee. Academia Film Olomouc will not just be a canvass with images, but also a discussion club and a large reading room, out of which successful titles will reach the world. It is a port out of which new impulses will sail to inspire Czech and international filmmaking, a tangible evidence of the fact that knowledge in film is alive and has a new potential. Academia film is not just a festival, but also DOC.

Port, a market of popularscientific film, which has just come into being.

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By it, we will convince producers and distributors, directors and donors, scientists and artists that the creation of popular-scientific film, often financially more demanding that fiction blockbusters, is a great investment, which has priceless added value.

I wish DOC. Port the best of luck and you, the audience, uplifting experiences. Academia Film Olomouc programmes exclusively popular-scientific films, covering natural and social sciences and the arts.

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The festival is organized as a joint project of the Department of theory and history of dramatic arts mad hippie anti aging routine the Palacky University and the civic association JSAF, the organizer of the Jihlava international documentary film festival. This year for the very first time, AFO will feature a specialized documentary market.


Port is the only international specialized documentary market focusing on popular-scientific films which does not charge submission fees. The market includes a video library, an on-line database accessible throughout the year and a printed catalogue.

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Popular-scientific film is a special category of documentary film and an important entity of cinema, which currently represents a significant portion of television broadcasting.

The AFO programme discovers strong films of the genre in Czech and international film and introduces them to the festival audience and experts.

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The AFO programme also presents a competition for the Best Czech and Best International popular-scientific film of ; other awards are non-statutory. Non-competition programme is linked to individual scientific disciplines and the retrospective presents a profile of an outstanding popular-scientific filmmaker. The 6 festival days will feature an extensive offprogramme including exhibitions, discussions and other non-filmic formats stemming from the underbed of science.

The AFO festival has a tradition of 41 years of showcasing popular-scientific films. We would like to make a link to the tradition and make these documentaries available to film professionals.

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We will invite producers to offer their films and documentary cycles and television programmers, festival selectors, buyers and distributors to find films for broadcasting, distribution or festival selection at Doc. Port — a new market at AFO — is composed of an extensive database of popular-scientific films, which is accessible through a video library and catalogue to television programmers, buyers, mens anti wrinkle cream with spf selectors and distributors from all around the world.

Port in offers films from 78 countries focusing on various issues concerning natural and social sciences and the arts.

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It will thus become the only place in Europe focusing exclusively on popular-scientific documentary film. We decided to open this specialized market in order to emphasize the role of popular-scientific film, which is primarily to spread information, discover new facts and explore reality through insights of scientific disciplines.

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Popular-scientific documentary film can at the same time bring science closer to the lay public, which is particularly vital in the era of narrow specialization of disciplines. The popular- -scientific film has been successful in addressing the public for many years thanks to TV broadcasting, yet there are only a few international documentary markets which focus on the genre.

The selection will include films from the festival programme as well as several hundred other films divided into specialized sections.

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I wish you a succesfull market Miriam Šimková.