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Of course, this does not mean that we have to agree on everything, and we have expressed our concerns about some of the recent political developments in Hungary, but we have also acknowledged when the government took important steps to remedy these shortcomings.

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The Norway Grants provide an excellent opportunity to further strengthen our political and economic relations. What are the trade and business links between Norway and Hungary? The main companies?

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The EEA Agreement provides excellent conditions for joint business activities and trade between our countries. By far the largest Norwegian investor in Hungary is Telenor, which, with its roughly 33 per cent market share is the second-largest mobile operator in the country. Interestingly enough, with more than three million subscribers in Hungary they have more customers here than in Norway!

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In addition, there are some Norwegian companies present on the Hungarian market in a range of sectors from energy to seafood products, either as local subsidiaries, sales agents, etc.

How do the business customs differ in Norway?

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I would say Norwegian businessmen are more direct, and frank in their best anti wrinkle products 2020, perhaps generally a bit more risk-averse than Hungarians, although probably the financial crisis has forced Hungarian businesses to be more cautious than before.

Our business - and other social - relations are based on mutual trust, as well as transparency, and our companies try to conduct the same type of behaviour also when they are operating abroad.

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There must be some interesting business stories? I found it very interesting to see how popular Budapest is among Norwegian dental tourists.

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How many Norwegian businesses and individuals are in Hungary and what important things are they doing? Do they have any particular problems here? As I mentioned there are quite a number of Norwegian businesses operating in Hungary. Most of them are small- and medium-sized companies, with relatively few employees, and even fewer of them are Norwegians.


But there is quite a sizeable Norwegian community in Budapest, not only businessmen but especially students. Roughly Norwegian students study at Hungarian universities, the overwhelming majority of them medicine.


About half of them live in Budapest, the rest in the other university towns of Debrecen, Szeged and Pécs. Generally speaking the Norwegian community feels very comfortable and safe in Hungary, but some of them face language difficulties, as well as heavy bureaucracy, and in some sectors there are problems with non-transparent business. Is Norway a popular destination for Hungarians wishing to emigrate?

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Is it difficult to do so? Norway has become a very popular place both for labour migration, especially from other Scandinavian and EU countries, as well as asylum seekers from developing countries.

When it comes to workers from the EU, it is relatively easy to settle in Norway, given that the European Economic Area provides identical working conditions for Norwegian and EU citizens.

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Norway is one of the few countries in Europe where the available workforce is in fact scarce, especially in some sectors, and therefore we welcome the arrival of foreign workers.

Hungarians are definitely not among the largest immigrant groups, especially when compared to the Nordic countries, the Baltics and Poland.

Impact investment stands in the middle of a range, with philanthropic organizations on one side and, on the other, investors who consider social, environmental and governance factors when investing in businesses. The premise is that investment return must reflect a combination of risk, return and impact. Successful strategies involve pre-investment evaluation, post-investment monitoring, measurements, transparency and accountability. In the 19th century, foundations not the government were the first to tackle social problems Ford, Rockefeller, Wellcome UK. In simplified terms, when private philanthropy could no longer meet these needs, and arguably to create system efficiencies, government stepped in s to create the welfare state.

However, in recent years we have experienced an increased influx of Hungarian professionals, first and foremost medical doctors, engineers and architects. It is in the ordinary anti age avis sectors where we have a large demand for qualified workforce, and living and working conditions are no doubt very attractive for citizens of other European countries.

Is Norway a popular tourist destination for Hungarians?

There is a real chance that we getto a situation similar to the summer ofas deals are beingunderwritten into a softening market," a leveraged loan bankersaid.

Norway is regarded as an exotic, but probably high-end destination for tourists in general. Of course, we have some Hungarian tourists, who travel individually or with organised tours to Norway in order to explore the Western fjords or the midnight sun, but their numbers are obviously much lower than those of the Germans, the Danes, or the Dutch.

How are you promoting Norway politically, the ordinary anti age avis and culturally?

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A large part of my job serves exactly these purposes. We would like to use all possible channels and opportunities to make our country, our beautiful nature, our culture, our competitive economy, and not least our core values more visible in Hungary.

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