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Gábor Révész asked me to use the familiar mode of address with her. She always received me kindly in her home in Csillaghegy, which had at one time been the holiday villa of the actress Ilona Titkos.

Her vitality and memory disarmed me. Besides her love and respect for animals, she is a great opera fan and loves to drive. Even today, she reveals flashes of her impressive understanding of human beings and her feeling for psychology. Once a week she provides mental healthcare for those in need.

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This branch of the family remains a mystery to me. I know nothing at all about them, not even whether they lived in Pancsova or not, only that my grandparents did. I say this because they sent their two sons to school in Brno.


Both of them studied to be textile technicians in Brno. I know this only from family lore. I was still a small child when I saw my presinge suisse anti aging — this was the only time that I saw him.

His name was Adolf Greiner.

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Or her mother-in-law. Just this grandfather from Pancsova, whom she saw only once in her life, like me. I assume that the emotional ties must have been rather loose between the children and the father, who was still alive then, and the brother who lived in Pancsova. I heard that this grandfather from Pancsova was a miller. Róza Greiner, the sister who stayed at home, never married. It might be of interest that basically everyone, their mother and Róza, too, died of cancer relatively early.

My mother told me that she visited her grandparents in Hahót several times, where her grandfather — in short, my great-grandfather — was a baker. My mother said that my great-grandmother was familiar with medicinal herbs.

People would often ask her to come and heal them and to give them medicine, because the village had no doctor and no pharmacy. She was especially good with people suffering from diphtheria.

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At the time they called it the croup. In short, they asked her to cure children with croup. My mother told me that she presinge suisse anti aging children with an advanced medical treatment. She reached down their throats with a cloth saturated in petroleum and wiped off the saburra. I have no idea what role the petroleum played, presinge suisse anti aging I do know that it was this pussy saburra that made the children choke, and it killed many of them. Apparently, she cured many children with this method.

This is what my mother told us about her grandmother, who was apparently a lively woman with a good sense of humour. My great-grandfather was the Ziegler ancestor.

As far presinge suisse anti aging their religion was concerned, all I can say is that they merely kept the formalities. I would think that the Jewish families in the village must have kept a kosher home. It was the norm. My mother also told us — it was something of a family legend — that once when she spent the summer with them, her grandmother gave a pair of chickens to my grandfather to take them to the shochet to the neighbouring village, which was not far.

Apart from this I know only that they brought up twelve children and most of them lived to be adults, and that their horde of grandchildren often spent the summer with them.

When they grew up, the children all lived there, in southern Zala County.

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Later I often visited them at Csáktornya. But all this was during the Monarchy, so it was the same country. The village was called Vinyica [today Varazdin, Northern Croatia]. I visited them there. I must have been seven and a half or eight years old. This was in the summer of As I said, Vinyica was inhabited by Croats, and there was a Hungarian-German soccer game one Sunday that was broadcast on the radio.

The children hooted with delight whenever the German team scored a goal. I remember hiding under the table because this chorus was so scary, and because I knew that it had targeted me, a Hungarian child.

The relationship with my maternal grandparents was very close. He and I were very close. They lived in Pest. He moved to Pest from Csáktornya or Hahót when he was thirteen. He learned the cabinetry trade there. When I first met him — my mother had me late in life, she was thirty-six when I was born — grandfather was also well on in years.

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I still have a piece of furniture, a chest with a lid that was originally meant to store firewood. When the lid was down, it served as extra seating. When I was small, we kept it in the bathroom, and my mother used it to store the dirty laundry instead of firewood. It was thoroughly scrubbed inside before she used it as a laundry chest. I took good care of it and painted it over several times.

Grandfather was an old man of average appearance. He wore a suit, meaning a nice jacket, but he rarely wore a hat, except maybe in winter. My parents looked after grandfather. My father had a new suit made every year, and one of his old suits went to my grandfather, but it was impeccable and not a piece of worn-out hand-me-down.

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My father worked in the textile industry, so I guess the material cost him nothing. He had it tailor made, and then it went to my grandfather.

It was a ritual. I remember that come New Year, he always took grandfather a suit, and also a couple of ties. While my father was alive, this was not a problem, financially speaking. Also, every year he got two or three litres of plum brandy. My father brought it from the countryside. My grandfather loved it, and my father, too, and they always drank a shot each. We had a demijohn, and father always took him some. I read her name on the tombstone when my mother once took me to the cemetery in Rákoskeresztúr.

Gábor Ziegler, née Fanni Katz. I was very surprised.

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What is that supposed to mean, Mrs. Gábor Ziegler, when my grandmother is Mrs. Gábor Ziegler? When my real grandmother died, my grandfather became a widower with four small children.

 - Штрафная санкция. На центральном экране прямо под извещением об ошибке ВР представила зрителям ужасающую картину. По мере того как рушилась третья защитная стенка, полдюжины черных линий, эти хакеры-мародеры, устремлялись вперед, неуклонно продвигаясь к сердцевине.

Their first child, Anna, had died, which means that my Katz grandmother gave birth to five children. The second, Aranka, was my mother.


She was eight when her mother died. She told me several times that they had to take grandmother to hospital presinge suisse anti aging night, because she was very ill. She had a hernia by the abdominal wall, and it got incarcerated. Grandmother died that night. And there was my grandfather, with four children.

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My mother also related many times that she was taken out of school — she was in second grade — to look after the other three.

She even did the cooking. Grandfather made a stool for her so she could reach the cooking-stove.

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This is also a family lore. Soon after that, my grandfather advertised in the papers, and Grandmother Szidi answered the ad from Nyitra. Our grandfather and Grandmother Szidi were wed in My mother was ten at the time.

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Grandmother Szidi, she had very prominent, thick lips. She was thin with a bent back, but very quick. I assume that my grandmother from Nyitra probably spoke German, because people from Upper Hungary generally spoke three languages.

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My mother gave her credit for the way she brought up the four children. Grandfather had a bad spine. There was one very sweet sign of this.

Grandmother insisted that they keep the Seder during Passover, and everyone had to be there, including the children. When I was a child, I was there every year. I found it all a bit too ceremonious, and I remember that my cousin and I would be up to some mischief. I remember us doing things like this.

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We enjoyed ourselves tremendously, and I had no idea about the meaning of the whole thing. For instance, I loved the matzoh, and we were happy that it was part of the dinner, which was always special. Besides, the whole family were together. We had traditional Seder food.

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