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This is the age of European renaissance and humanism, the age of support for science and the arts, the age of geographical discovery, and the beginning of the Reformation, as well as the period of devastating religious wars and American genocide. It is during this period that the conquering Ottoman Empire reaches its greatest extent.

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Events Hungarianness The Rákosi order, a document formulated for the free election of the king, stated at the Rákosi parliament: if II. If Ulászló's son dies without a descendant, then the Hungarians cannot choose a foreign king. The way to the heart of the Kingdom of Hungary opens up for the Turks. Captain Jurisics surrenders to Suleiman, but keeps the castle. Several European states and Turkish-ruled peoples, including Serbs and Bulgarians, join the war Under the leadership of Zsigmond Báthory, Transylvania joins the anti-Turkish alliance.

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Culture, religion - István Werbőczy: Tripartitum - the collection, systematization and writing of the legal rules and customary rights of contemporary Hungary Related tags : 16th century