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Very good resistance to fuels Excellent heat resistance Good acid resistance Applications: Due to high chemical resistance and low swelling in fuels especially when containing ethanol and methanol FKM can typically be found in the complete fuel supply chain fuel injectors, quick connectors, high pressure pumps, etc.

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Additionally, gaskets in ECUs for gear boxes are also a field of application. FVMQ offers a significantly better chemical resistance than standard silicones VMQ especially when used with hydrocarbons, aromatic mineral oils and fuels. Due to the polymer structure, HNBR offers both resistance to polar and nonpolar media.

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HNBR offers extraordinarily good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. The material has: Superior heat resistance up to °C Superior environmental resistance Improved resistance to polar fluids Applications: Due to the good abrasion resistance and oil resistance, the main applications are actuator seals for gear box applications.

In addition, HNBR is often used in air conditioning applications.

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In general NBR shows pretty good mechanical properties. Products: O-rings Silicone VMQ Due to the different polymer composition VMQ Silicone shows excellent heat resistance combined with an extraordinary cold flexibility and a very good resistance to weather, ozone and UV rays. The material has: Very good low and high temperature properties Excellent resistance to weather and ozone Applications Due to their heat resistance they are used as heat exchanger gaskets Products: GasketsO-rings Turcon® M High performance PTFE Turcon® M12 from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a Semi vl suisse anti aging based sealing material whose performance is unrivalled in key hydraulic sealing characteristics, such as friction, wear and high pressure operation.

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Comprehensive testing has shown that no other PTFE based material can give such universally exceptional performance. Turcon® M12 is now recommended by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions as the material of choice for a wide variety of automotive hydraulic applications including: Cylinders for convertibles.

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