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Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss Újdonságok a Ideal for professionals or housewives.

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When your glycogen is depleted during fasting, your body activates ketosis - the body's "fat burning mode".

This is an effective way to burn fat.

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This is the most natural and safest way for weight loss. Studies show that eating continuously prevents the body from taking a break from digestion - and that leads to health problems such as diabetes.

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When you fast, simply take a break from eating. By doing so, you'll take the strain off your liver. The fasting tracker offers different intermittent fasting plans and is suitable for beginners and experienced people as well as for men and women.

It guides you through your plan. You don't have to change your diet - it's easy.

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If you are under 18 years old or pregnant, if you are breastfeeding, suffer from health problems or are underweight, please consult your doctor before fasting. További részletek Ez az alkalmazás átment a vírus- malware és egyéb ellenőrzéseken, és nem tartalmaz semmiféle veszélyforrást.

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