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Explore the beautiful hills of Buda or experience the vibrant culture of Pest in a city that offers you plus grande enterprise construction suisse anti aging best of both worlds 10 Stroll its banks or hop on a pleasure cruise s the Danube winds from deep within the Black Forest all the way to the Black Sea, it passes through four European capitals, Budapest being third in its course.

But there was a time when crossing this vast and fast flowing waterway posed an enormous challenge.

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Over the next 50 years, three more bridges were built, only to be destroyed by retreating Nazis at the end of World War II. This car-free oasis features acres of lush greenery, manicured parkland, two large swimming complexes, a musical fountain, the ruins of a 13th-century church and convent, and atmospheric garden bars, such as the Holdudvar.

Enjoy a thirst-quenching lemonade on the large terrace or join the party on the dancef loor. As the river f lows southward, it brushes past the markedly eclectic Parliament building, which sports everything from neo-Gothic spires to a neo-Renaissance dome.

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It features so much detail, in fact, it took 17, man-years to build. A handful of its rooms can be visited, including the central hall where the Holy Crown of Hungary is housed.

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The stretch of Pest waterfront beyond here is known as the Danube Promenade Duna korzó. It is a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll and the setting of many a budding romance.

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Cafés dot this section of the waterfront as do a string of international hotels such as the Marriott, which is fronted by a slick cocktail lounge and riverside terrace. Or stay within the city limits and experience what life might have been like when the city's residents used boats as the main mode of transport.

Gábor Révész asked me to use the familiar mode of address with her. She always received me kindly in her home in Csillaghegy, which had at one time been the holiday villa of the actress Ilona Titkos. Her vitality and memory disarmed me.

During the original planning, it was determined that the Baroque Inner City Parish Church would have to be demolished but fortunately this was never carried out. Towering above the Danube to the south are the cliffs of leafy Gellért Hill.

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For some of the best panoramas of the city, trek up to the Statue of Liberty Szabadság szobora memorial to the Soviet Liberators of World War II, or grab a coffee with a view at the nearby Citadella Lounge adjacent to the Habsburg-era fortress.

Rub shoulders with locals on your quest for paprika and spicy Hungarian sausage or locally grown fresh produce.

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Castle Hill has succumbed to so many sieges, very little remains of its original architecture. Faithful reconstructions of colorful single-story houses, majestic churches and palatial buildings have transformed this quarter into the city's prime tourist destination.

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Mongols were among the first to invade, then came the Turks in the mids, followed by the recapturing of Castle Hill years later — the latter battle leveling most of the remaining buildings.

The district was rebuilt only to be destroyed during the Uprising against the Habsburgs and again at the end of World War II, when Germans took refuge here from Soviet troops.

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As reconstruction began, 15 remnants of buildings from the Middle Ages emerged from beneath the rubble and many of these details have been preserved as a form of architectural eclecticism. The neo-Gothic Matthias Church has also had its fair share of remodelings, including a whitewashing of the interior during its years as a Turkish mosque.

Take a break from sightseeing at the nearby Ruszwurm on Szentháromság utca. This cafécum-cake shop first opened its doors in and is still famous for its deliciously creamy sweets and original cherry-wood fixtures.

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For more substantial fare and fine examples of Hungarian cuisine, stroll along Fortuna utca to the elegant yet contemporary 21 Magyar Vendéglő. It is currently home to the National

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