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Ország neve a fénykép készültekor: Soviet Union Russia These are the children from my yard, my friends. In the second row to the right is me.

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The 1st in the 1s row on right: is my first love Lena Tankus. To the left in the first row is my friend and rival Lev Feigin. The picture was taken in Moscow in My parents got married in They merely got registered in the state registration authority.

They moved to the communal apartment in Moscow working district. I was born in I was named Yuri. Mother was on maternal leave, while I was an infant.

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When I was more or less independent, at the age of 5, mother enrolled on the courses of laboratory assistant. She worked in clinics of Moscow Medical Institute as a microbiologist- laboratory assistant. Mother was a good worker, then she was promoted even busome anti aging the medical position.

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I was raised spending a lot of time outside. I liked all kind of escapades, hooligan pranks.

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  4. The battle for his life, waged against complications resulting from several heart attacks, lasted four months.

I found my place among the local hooligans and felt rather comfortable among them. I had a lot of friends. There were Jews among them.

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Lev Feigin, a Jewish boy busome anti aging our yard, was my bosom friend in my childhood. He was short and plump. When we were about 6, both of us fell in love in one girl, also a Jew, Lena Tankus. But our rivalry did not stand in the way of our friendship. I enjoyed reading and collecting stamps.

But I liked to fight as well.

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It seemed romantic for us, boys. We felt ourselves musketeers, pirates. We played all kinds of games in yard. We had so-called wars- when the boys from one house were at war with the boys from another house.

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Recalling those things I understand that it was in a noble and chivalrous way. Our disputes were settled by the duel- and nobody interfered in the fray. Our boys were referees observing the fight and making sure that none of the boys hides a stone or metal. The fight was face-to-face, only by using buffets and before the first blood.

If there was blood, the referee stopped the fight and declared the winner. When I turned 7, I went to compulsory Russian school, located nor far from our house. There were a lot friends from the yard in my class. I was a good student mostly because of capability rather than sedulousness.

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I went through all required stages at school: was a pioneer, Komsomol member. Both my peers and teachers treated me well. During my childhood soviet holidays were always celebrated at home.

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