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The environment of urban tourism The reflection of the environment of urban tourism: quality of life When exploring the impact of tourism on the quality of life, big cities should be comprehended as an environment where the use of the space by the tourists and the local society, and the vector of the related spiritual processes are all connected to the basic functions of the settlements.

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When we start from the categories used in the model by Partsch, the provision of the space of residence, work, leisure, supply, education, transportation and communication is the number one function of the big cities. Successful tourist cities devote enormous energy to operating the basic functions in a way that gives maximum satisfaction to both local inhabitants and the visitors to the respective settlements.

While each of the basic functions of the big cities in themselves may have dominant role in the quality of life of the local population, it is usually their complexity that impact spiritual processes.

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This difference is basically due to the consumption of the settlement with different motivations and intensity: big cities are relatively stable living place for the local society, but only a temporary place of residence for the tourists. Consequently tourists are much more likely to relate to the total of the basic functions of the big cities rather than to the individual functions.

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Among the most liveable cities of the world, we find Fejlett bőrsejtek anti aging krém vélemények cities on the top of the list.

On the ground of an indexation that takes New York as the basis, among the top ten cities there are three from Switzerland Zurich, Geneva and Bernthree from Germany Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich and one from Austria Viennawhich definitely shows the correlations between liveability and order in the good sense of the word functioning settlements with efficient self-governance, made by a community accepting and enforcing the rules.

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In the first 50 positions of the list comprising of settlements, 23 can be found in Europe, without one single settlement from a former socialist country. It is also worth mentioning that in Europe it is not always the capital city that shows the most liveable character, it is often smaller regional centres Zurich in Switzerland; Düsseldorf in Germany; Barcelona in Spain.

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It is also striking that the majority of the liveable cities are very popular tourism destination as well, so the increased interest of the foreigners in the respective cities is a blessing and a curse at the same time for the local society. A tourism policy approach The social, economic and infrastructure environment of urban tourism is reflected in the quality of life of tourists and the local inhabitants as well.

Among the elements making the market of urban tourism it is politics that seems to be the factor capable of influencing other elements, including the product itself. A characteristic feature of urban tourism is that, unlike in the case of other tourism products, national policy is less able to impact its successful operation, while local policy has a much stronger impact on that.

While e. The individual development needs do not allow and do not require, either, the intervention of national policy.


Exceptions from this are capital cities and regional centres that have a gateway role in the tourism of the given state or region, so they play a role not only in the management of tourist flows but also in shaping the touristic image. Other exceptions from this rule are cities with international or universal attractions, especially the ones with world heritage title or temporarily serving as the location of some events of international relevance e.

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European Capital of Culture, Olympic Games. National governments or regional management in such unique cases can contribute to the desirable growth of the number and spending of tourists by the development of infrastructure and suprastructure in the respective city and the promotion of its marketing communication.

If local policy recognises the opportunities lying in urban tourism, it can promote the realisation of the diverse activities of tourists arriving at the destination by the complex development of tourism supply. Beyond the political will it can also be assisted by the positive attitude of the local entrepreneurs and the local community inhabitants, professional and non-governmental organisations.

Doe the complexity of urban tourism, product development can only become successful with a single political background, because the individual attractions and the tourism infrastructure built on them must be constructed — or adjusted to the needs of the demand — in a balanced way, in accordance with the local interests.

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If the political elite of a city implements a single-pole product development in which one of the attractions enjoys a long-term priority, it may lead to a single-theme supply bathing city, cultural city etc. The Hungarian National Tourism Development Strategy emphasises that Budapest is a destination of international attraction whose development is a tourism policy priority, so the tourism destination management organisation of Budapest must be created on the basis of the Tourism Office of Budapest Non-for-profit Ltd.

As regards Budapest, objectives of selected importance include The touristic use of the world heritage sites; Creation of the bathing city image; The increase of the recognition of Budapest as a congress venue and Implementation of a fizzy cultural life.

Hungarian tourism policy sees, in addition to the capital city, the small towns accommodating attractive scenes of cultural heritage as the places to be developed in urban tourism, small towns where visitors find historical city centres, cultural world heritage sites, major museums, groups of buildings of monument value, selected festival and conference venues and other sights of interest that can be organised into networks. Cooperation of urban tourism with other tourism products, synergy effects Central roles, individual products Tourism taking place in an urban environment presupposes the co-existence of several products.

Although cities, coming from their central roles, try to offer as wide a range of services as possible, this will always have limits. The competition of urban destinations requires of each settlement to create their own products and to build their names and image on this individual endowment, the USP Unique Selling Proposition.

The identification of culture as a factor of development is a several times proven fact, supported by best anti aging serum for 50s singapore tourism in the broader sense of the word, cultural tourism experienced in the urban space.

This type of product includes branches of traditional culture such as heritage monuments, built heritage, memories from the past and arts fine and performing arts, literature, contemporary architecture and also activities related to lifestyle legends, traditions, gastronomy, folklore and creative industries fashion, graphics, design, media, entertainment WTO-ETC Growing popularity of medical tourism and health industry in the cities Best anti aging serum for 50s singapore the ageing European and Hungarian population medical tourism, quality medical services and the development of the conditions of regeneration are of special importance.

Health consciousness, the growing awareness of the preservation of wellbeing and the prevention of diseases is a more and more typical phenomenon, enlarging the target group of medical tourism services. Prevention is given a bigger emphasis. In addition to active employees it is the pensioners who are dominant, but the range of services used and the length of use are different. The elder generation usually prefers smaller towns with less visitors, they like travelling in pre- and post-season and prefer medical hotels or accommodations close to the medical spas.

The accessibility by public transportation is of vital importance for them coaches or trainsas are the provision of transfer and the existence and look of parks and walking paths. Active employees are more interested in wellness tourism satisfying the needs of conference tourism, and these venues are splendid destinations for company further trainings as well.

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Those who use this kind of service usually spend a weekday or two at conferences and further trainings or a longer weekend, maybe a brief holiday leisure tourism in wellness hotels. There is a demand for attractions other than medical tourism services to contribute to the pleasant stay of the guests; so cultural attractions offered by the cities, especially if they are easily accessibly on foot Vienna, Prague, Dubrovnik, Porto or some Hungarian venues like Balatonfüred, Siófok, Sopron, Eger, Pécs, Szeged, Debrecen are ideal complements for medical tourism.

In urban environment medical tourism is a special type of supply, which includes non-hospital treatments e.

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  • Action and Maintenance.
  • Impact investment stands in the middle of a range, with philanthropic organizations on one side and, on the other, investors who consider social, environmental and governance factors when investing in businesses.