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His reports from Vienna were sent to Madrid and Brussels regularly. The name of the Spanish diplomat is The name of the Spanish diplomat is well-known by the Hungarian historiography for a long time because of his cordial friendship to Count Miklós Esterházy, Palatine of Hungary — A specific sign of this is a portrait of Marquis of Castañeda fromwhich is still to be seen at the famous portraits-collection of Forchtenstein Austriathe most important fortress and residence of the Esterházy Family.

The five letters written by the diplomat to Esterházy show us the personal aquaintance, even the friendship between them.

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The present publication focuses on a report of Castañeda from It gives us an interesting example of how the diplomat got information about the political situation of the Principality of Transylvania and of the policy in Central Europe of the Ottoman Empire.

The source, published for the first time, provides us the opportunity to analyze the communication between the Spanish embassador and the secular leader of the Hungarian nobility. Esterházy was a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece since ; in a sense he belonged to the Central European client network of the Catholic King.

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He was awarded with the most important Order of the Habsburgs for his merits for his loyalty to the House Habsburg and montinez svájci anti aging his influence on the policy of the Kingdom of Hungary.

As opposed to him, it is known about his predecessor, Count of Ossona that he met the ambassadors sent by Gábor Bethlen Prince of Transylvania, — in Vienna. According to our recent knowledge, the report had only been conserved by the Royal Archives of Bruxelles Archives Générales du Royaume.

Marquis of Castañeda was informed by Palatine Esterházy about the actual political situation in a political situation in which the Ottoman-Persian War — had just been finished, therefore the Kingdom of Hungary could become the scene of the Ottoman attacks again.

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The main motivation behind asking the Hungarian Palatine — who also had an important role in the leadership of the Habsburg-Ottoman diplomacy in the region of the Frontiers — was most probably that the Spanish diplomat wanted to receive news regarding the perspectives and the actual political-military situation of the countries of the Austrian branch of the House Habsburg in the new political situation.