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There is a consensus that this type of policy constitutes a highly cost-effective investment for countries in multiple areas and that it allows them to equalize development opportunities and thereby overcome the inequities associated with social determinants. That is why, sinceChile has been implementing the "Comprehensive Child Protection System, Chile Grows with You", a pioneering policy in the implementation of the intersectoral approach as a key mechanism to ensure maximum deployment of capacities through adequate accompaniment of children's developmental trajectories.

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At the general level, positive results have been observed from the implementation of the strategy on the child development.

For example, the "delay" in the functional development of children in the age range of 3 years and 3 years 11 months decreased from This webinar presented the foundations on which Chile Grows with you is built, its design and management model, the main characteristics of its implementation, the results of implementation at the national level and current challenges of this public policy.

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